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OCTT Channel 16
OCTT Channel 16
Country: United States
Category: Local TV
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Local programming that covers informative and interesting topics that local residents wish to watch is what local community television is all about and the District of Columbia has an excellent example in their OCTT found on local cable channel 16. When Mayor Vincent Gray hosts his weekly press briefing the media representatives have an opportunity to ask questions of his Honor on a wide variety of topics and pass on that vital information to the viewing audience. Subjects such as how government is being handled in the District.
IDF1  France - General
IDF1 est une chaîne de télévision locale francilienne commerciale privée de divertissement à vocation familiale. Elle existe

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J-Sports ESPN  Japan - Sport
J SPORTS(ジェイ・スポーツ)は、株式会社ジェイ・スポーツが放送するスポーツ専門チャンネルの総称である。なお、本項では前身の「J SKY sports」についてもここで述べる。

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ВЕРУЮ тв - Кино  Russia - Religious
Круглосуточное Православное интернет-телевидение. Телеканал ВЕРУЮ тв — Кино (один из четырёх телеканалов ВЕРУЮ тв) посвящен художественным и

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BBC Arabic  Saudi Arabia - News
يقدم لكم تلفزيون بي بي سي العربي الأخبار والأخبار العاجلة والتحليلات والحوارات والبرامج الوثائقية، على مدى 24 ساعة كل يوم. ويمكنكم التقاط القناة عبر

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Rioni TV  Georgia - General
რიონი — ქუთაისში მოქმედი ტელე-რადიო კომპანია, პირველი ქართული კომერციული ტელევიზიის (დაარსდა 1986 წელს) სამართალმემკვიდრე. [საჭიროებს წყაროს

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Canal vtv  Chile - General
El canal VTV opera con dos señales abiertas, una para Viña del Mar y Valparaíso y otra para el Valle del Aconcagua, bajo la cobertura de la Sociedad

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